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Orthoboom orthopaedic shoes have:

Proven to be effective

ORTHOBOOM shoes have passed all clinical and toxicology tests and their effectiveness has been proven.

They are recommended for prevention and treatment of orthopaedic abnormalities for majority of children.

Correct technology

Together with leading Russian and German orthopaedists, podiatrists and chiropodists, as well as with help of new technologies, we continue to develop innovative orthopaedic shoes.

Orhoboom shoes are made with anatomical lasts, which creates the optimum conditions for the correct development of children’s feet at all ages. 

Removable shell-shаped insoles

Replicate the anatomical form of the foot and supoort their external and internal aches. They prevent the formation of over-pronation and excessive supination.

Removable shell-shaped insoles be easily and quickly changed to individually produced insoles. 

Segemneted diagnostic outsoles

The outsoles are made to be flexible, resilient, cushioned and anti-skid with depressions where the toes sit.

A grooved surface and points on test areas of rubbing allow to discover irregular weight distribution on the feet.

Outsoles with inverted heels

Preventive measure or treatment for feet that collapse inwards (development of valgus deformity).

Thomas inverted heels help to correctly form gait, ensuring comfort while walking and proper distribution of weight.

Extended or butterfly-shaped heel caps

Heel caps up to the level of the Achilles tendon guarantee the correct position of the heel bone relative to the axes of the calf. The details of the collar soften the contact of the skin with the shoe during movement, creating a comfortable position for the foot and protecting against rubbing.

Comfortable fasteners

The fasteners (hook-and-loop, buckles, or laces) provide solid and reliable securing of the feet, large openings and make the shoes easy to put on, as well as to adjust fit.

Quality materials

ORTHOBOOM shoes are made from natural leather and nubuck, allowing the feet to breath, with the lining made from leather or well-ventilated fabric. These materials absorb sweat well, which makes the feet more comfortable.

Maximum comfort

In ORTHOBOOM shoes, children will even be comfortable during constant movement, since the natural materials along with orthopaedic details will not rub their feet, making them easy and fun for children to wear.

On the whole, why should you use Orthoboom shoes?
For preventive purposes and for first degree flat feet, preventive shoes with removable shell-shaped insoles and extended heel caps are recommended. This prevents the transverse formation of flat feet and side deviation (varus or valgus) at the front section of the foot.

Support shoes with high butterfly-shaped caps, made to relieve the Achilles tendon, are recommended for children with the presence of the beginnings of valgus or varus deformities of the feet. Butterfly-shaped heel caps do not only fix in place the ankle bone and the heel bone, but also the ankle joint, which means that during constant wear these shoes shape a real development of the articular surface and prevent further development of deformities.

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